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Well my boyfriend of six months admitted to me that he had cheated on his last girlfriend. (this was about a year and a half ago). It was towards the end of their relationship, she did not even find out about that he actually did cheat on her, but he told me that she was suspicious of him and i guess dumped him. I did trust him until he admitted to me that he has cheated on a girlfriend before, because i doubt, or at least hope that he hasn't cheated on me....I'm with him every weekend since we've been together, and his phone never goes off or anything unless its his mom or one of his friends. And not that I do, but I could if I wanted to go through his phone because he always just leaves it out and around. Aside from this, should I reconsider this relationship because he could cheat on me since he did to a past girlfriend? I take cheating pretty serious. I also asked if him if there was a particular reason he cheated on her (she did it first, big fight, etc) but he said no...which scares me even more.

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