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You have to realize at your age that you do a lot of growing and changing as you experience more in life. No matter how much you love someone or whatever the circumstances it just happens. You have to accept it and stop trying to figure out the "whys" of it all. What you are doing to yourself if just not healthy.

Did you stop to think that maybe, just maybe, she has been having these thoughts for longer than you realize? I mean, I dated a guy when I was around your age for 4 years. That is a looooong time at that age. Despite how much I loved him I knew deep down he just wasn't the one for me. He, like you, was very devistated when I broke up with him. He eventually had to move back to his home state and get away from me to move on. I tried doing the "friend" thing with him but it wasn't possible because he wanted more. Does that make sense?

I think for your own good and sanity you need to move out. Don't expect her to do anything about it. She is not with you anymore and no matter how much it hurts you have to accept it and respect her decision. Getting away from her and the situation will help you tremendously.

If all of this is making you depressed, suicidal, and violent then you really should seek a therapist. You may need some help dealing with all of this. You will be okay once you accept things and move on with some help. It won't happen over night but it will happen if you allow it to.

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