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Hey there. [COLOR="DarkRed"]{removed}[/COLOR] im 19 years old[COLOR="darkred"],{removed} [/COLOR]. I have just recently been dumped by my girlfriend who is 22 years old and alot more experienced than me with relationships. But she still loves me.

Let me get all of the issues off my chest. i had been with my gorgeous girlfriend for about 8 months. We were very good friends before we were together, similar music taste, movies, art etc... the first 6 months was sunshine and flowers... we fell deeply in love with eachother. By the 3rd month she was crazy about me and i about her... she asked me to move in with her for the next annual year for university. ofcourse i thought it was too soon, but she managed to convince me by crying and pointing out the fact that we had already been pretty much living with eachother since we got together as we were in student halls.
She loved me so much {removed}. Towards the holidays she even bought me a ticket to go with her to her home in France. She then came to my home in Spain again paying for her own tickets. The time we were away from eachother, for only a month and a couple of days, we missed eachother like crazy. She would text me everyday and let me know that she missed me terribly and loved me so much...

Then suddenly september hits, the 6th month of our relationship. We move in together with two of our other close friends.
First few weeks were ok, but she started to enjoy the sex less, she was on contraceptive pills at the time but by mid september she stopped taking them. Weeks continued and it seemed like she had completely lost her sex drive for me.
[COLOR="darkred"]{removed}[/COLOR] This was not true and i think i managed to convince her so. I just thought i was not performing well enough so i kept trying harder, she knows that im always more worried about her satisfaction rather than mine. She said she wasnt attracted to me anymore but she really enjoyed having me around. So i told her could wait how ever long it takes till she wants me again. However this placed boundary between us. Knowing how she felt i wasnt too sure how much i could kiss her, i felt uncomfortable when holding her. She never gave me more than a peck on the lips. Thus this made me very frustrated
We went on like this for a couple weeks until she told me she was very confused about what she wants. I have never done anything to hurt her, i always try hard to make her happy, but she just didnt seem happy anymore. During the first six months she said she had never been happier with anyone else.
She said she still loves me, but she was still traumatized from what i did to her. I kept trying to tel her that i wasnt trying to[COLOR="darkred"]{removed}[/COLOR] her, i never considered it as that, to me it was always making love. Besides, if she didnt want sex she sould have told me. She says she is very sorry that she didnt step up and tell me, apparently she didnt because she didnt want to hurt me or lose me so she let me do it. She said that she didnt want to see me frustrated and hurting anymore and wished that we never got together so that i would never have to deal with all of this because she didnt know how long it would take for things to get better. This hurt me alot. So i asked her what did she want to do. She didnt know, she was too confused.
Personally i thought she felt that she got me into this and was too scared to dump me: she took the first move and told me she loved me, she convinced me that i should move in with her, she bought me tickets to Paris, she said i was the best boyfriend shes ever had etc...
At the end of that particular talk, we were too overwhelmed and tired as it was past bedtime. But she told me she wanted to be in my arms. that night we ended up sleeping in the same bed together. We told eachother we ll keep trying.
After a couple days i asked her if she ever got sexually frustrated and whether she could find other people attractive. She said that she hasnt found anyone she is attracted to yet but she did say she got a bit sexually frustrated but just didnt want me to satisfy it. She said she would masterbate. It was that day I left to my friends place while she was away. I left her a present with a letter saying that i had gone away for while to give her space to think, i asked to remind herself about the good times we had, and told her i was really sorry i traumatized you and that i hated myself for doing so. The next day after she had read the letter she had dumped me. apparently the spark she used to have had left. Things like the fact that I am a bad listener and very dozy were things that she used to find cute, now it kinda anoys her. However she still honestly loves me. She told me she was sorry for everything and she couldnt help how she felt. She says she really misses how we used to be aswell, but the truth is i didnt change, it was her! Is this even possible, can someone loose such intense love in a space of one month. 2 months ago She was crazy about me, she was jeolous of other girls around me! She was always worried she would loose me, she found me incredibly sexy. Everyone told me how irresistable she was to me. I would do everything to make her happy and i would never do anything to hurt her.
Now im in the worse situation imaginable. Im still staying at my friends house still, but eventually i have to go back. Luckily we have seperate rooms (we decided this before so that we could habe our own privacy when we needed it). She says she can be discreet so i wouldnt have to see her too much. She said she wouldnt mind being friends again. But for me its too painfull to even have a glimpse of her. I love her too much. Ive never been more hurt in my life. This all happened too suddenly over only one month. It didnt build up over a long period. She still loves me! would she ever have feelings for me again. Will she ever want me back? Do you think she needs help. How could she loose what we had! I want her back soo much. Its been one weeks since she had dumped me and im still crying myself to sleep. Should i give myself hope. I do still have to live with her soon. How can i proceed?

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