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after seeing him for 5 out of 7 days up to my birthday and him calling every day, he's started to pull back a little. After all that coming on strong stuff that he said to me, now I find out he's still shopping the market......from him biting on the fake profile I set up, and also on this site we're on, everyone has 2 roses per 30 days. These roses are sacred/special, they say "be mine".
You can see on your profile how many favorites lists you're on and how many roses you have. You send these roses to people you're interested anyway I was checking daily, he had 2 roses, then all of a sudden he had 1.
So I saw him on line and asked him how's fishin? he said LOL you're funny, then put a smiley face, then I put a sad face.....he said why the sad face, and I said can we talk on the phone? so then he called me and I asked him, why say all that stuff to me, why talk about the future, and how you think you found what you're looking for, etc and then you're pursuing someone else.....then he giggles a little cuz he was busted, then said you're on the site too, I said are you going to tell me you're NOT pursuing anyone else, then he tries to hem haw around and I said.....well I KNOW you are because you sent someone a then he's backpedaling and saying he really likes me, he's not sure if I'm the one, he doesn't know me well enough, he wants to continue to get to know me etc....
so that's all find and good, but he lied to me.....I don't know if i should bother with guy friends tell me to get rid of him.....
here's a letter I sent to him......he hasn't read it yet......give me your feedback......

Dear Gary,

I need to make sure Iím understood. Thatís something thatís important to me, to make sure Iím understood and to make sure I understand someone else. Iím not sure that Iím saying anything we havenít already discussed. I just want some clarity.

I thought you were special, I thought you were different, I thought we connected and understood each other. I thought you felt the same way about me.

I wasnít pressuring you for a commitment. I was going with the flow, my heart was caught up in the pace YOU set. I asked you point blank if you are pursuing anything else, ONLY because you were referring to me as your girlfriend, and saying you think you found what youíre looking for, you could get used to this, etc. You said I like to pin you up against the wall. Itís not that I donít believe youÖÖI believed everything you told me. I donít think youíre a scam artistÖ..and I was very surprised that you said that. I think thatís an old tape youíre playing in your head from your ex-wife, that you replay when you feel youíre on the defensive. Iím not going to waste my time on someone that I believe to be a scam artist. Jeez, give me some credit! Iím just not a big fan of grey areas. I wanted to be clear. I have options too. If you were thinking of me as your girlfriend, I wouldnít consider my other options. If you werenít, maybe I would. I needed to know what you were thinking so I could act accordingly. I didnít want to screw up what I thought could be something good with you.

I know Iím not the only thing in your life. I never expected to be. So I was a little taken aback when you said that to me. Youíre not the only thing in my life either, but I like you a lot and I thought you were special enough to make a priority. Iím not desperate, Gary. I saw something unique with us, and I thought it was worth pursuing.

If I find something that I like, I want to explore the possibilities. I donít have ďthe grass is always greenerĒ mentality. Iím not willing to settle either. I thought I was all the things you were looking forÖÖsensitive, sentimental, supportive, sensualÖ..You said no oneís ever made you feel like I did. If thatís true, why keep looking? Donít you realize that Iím something special, worth hanging onto and at least giving it a chance?

Iím not pressuring you Gary, like I said before, people will follow their heart. I canít force you into anything, nor would I want to. I donít want you or anyone to settle for me. I donít like relationships lukewarm, I like it hot. I felt some passion with us Gary. I know how good of a woman I am. I know how to work on a relationship and be a good partner.

It may sound like Iím trying to sell myself, and ya know what? Maybe I am a littleÖ..
I havenít found anyone I like as much as you, so maybe thatís whyÖ..

All I know is, I donít play games with peoples emotions. Iím honest and I donít ever want to mislead someone. Go ahead and explore your options, I will too. Thatís fine as long as weíre straight with each other. I just hope youíre aware that while youíre wasting your time with women who arenít able to tune into you like I can, or make you feel as good as I do, thereís always the possibility that I may move in a different direction. Thatís the chance you take.

I genuinely like you Gary. I enjoy your company and I want the best for you. If you find someone that will treat you as good as me, Iíd think you were a very lucky guy, and Iíd wish you well.

Iím not even sure where this is going. I just wanted you to know how I feel.
I like you a lotÖÖ

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