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OMG what you have both said sounds so scarily familiar to me!

I hope you don't mind me asking for a little advice on your thread?

I am 27 and my boyfriend is 23, we have officially been going out just two months but we seem to have hit a wall. Well I say we when I actually mean him. We have just been to the USA for a holiday and to see my sister for ten days and we got on fine while we were away but since we got back he is like a different person!

As soon as we got back to mine he was up and off home, fair enough we both had to unpack etc so I didnt expect to see him again that day but then he didnt come down the next day or the day after either. His texts have been fewer and different to normal, no calling me hun or babe or anything, he does add kisses but the whole language seems different.

He said he was feeling low and everything he had to do was getting on top of him and he needed to catch up with things and it was nothing I had done it was just him making mountains out of molehills. So I have tried to get him to talk to me and to let him know I will be as supportive as I can and try and help him through his problems.

Before we went away we saw each other practically every day and since we've come home I have seen him twice in a week and he hasn't stayed over then I saw him yesterday as some mutual friends asked us to go xmas shopping.

He is quite polite and nice enough to me but no where near as affectionate. He usually holds hands and kisses me all the time but we didnt hold hands at all whilst out shopping, infact the only contact we had was when I took his arm. In the car he was a little better, putting his hand on my leg a couple of times and when I asked him if everything was ok he said he was fine.

I have tried to get him to open up and talk to me a few times and he just says everythings fine. Then he informs me his ex girlfriend has asked him to have the dog while shes away and he won't be down too early tonight as he has to go pick it up (10 mins from his house) reckon he gave hinself a good two hours as he's not here yet!

My friend just keeps reassuring me that its good that he told me where he was going but he didn't say anything more about it than he'll be late as he has to pick the dog up, no explanation of why or that theres nothing to worry about etc

I just know something is wrong and i think he is having second thoughts and wants to get back with his ex and by pushing me away he thinks Ill finish it!

He has been so wonderful to me and he has changed just like that, don't know what to do other than to just let him text me when he wants and not ask too much from him.

HELP!!!!! I don't want to lose him...

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