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Sounds like Spousal Abuse, if he don't change or want to try to change, and you want different things then the only way to do that is just do them.

I see nothing wrong with what you want out of life, I'm not sure how many kids you have? that is a whole other storey if you have children now?

on the other hand
rather or not you divorce, you still have your own life to live, just because your married to him don't mean he owns you, sure its nice to have spousal support with each other but after you tried most everything and its not coming across with him... then you need to do what you think is right , if you wanna leave but affraid to because he supports your schooling, then maybe you just have to put up with him until you complete your education...thats very important!

your in a big dismay with your life, its up to you to decide where your going with it not him.
Its hard for anyone to tell you what to do right or wrong,this is a choice your going to have to make...remember sometimes Love is a sacrifice but love is the strongest gift God gave all of body should be unhappy if there in Love, if your unhappy then your love is in question!

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