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Nov 17, 2008
I was thinking about something today. I had my first major breakup back in September, and I really didn't know what to expect. I had caught my girlfriend cheating on me, and when we talked about it, we realized that we just weren't in love with each other anymore. I was deeply hurt and angry, but I was never really angry at her. I considered her one of my best friends, and I realized that as bad as things were, I would only feel worse if I were to lose her friendship.

At first, she was still friendly towards me. But then, after a few weeks, she changed her number, blocked my screen name, and cut off all contact with me. Now, we never even see each other. If we run into each other around campus, which almost never happens, she acts very distant. But I donít understand why she did this to me. I never did anything mean to her. All Iíve ever tried to do was to be nice to her and make her happy. I tried to be mature after we broke up, and I wanted to stay friends. In return, she has completely cut me out of her life, and she acts like I donít even exist. Her whole attitude is like we never even dated.

What I want to know is, why would she do this? And as I said, she was my first serious girlfriend, so I didnít know what to expect when we broke up. Do all girls act like this when you break up with them? Is it possible to stay friends with someone after you break up? And even if she and I didnít stay close friends, that doesnít mean she has to ignore me and everything. Why did she do this?
Re: Post-Breakup
Nov 17, 2008
This is most definitely not just a "girl thing" to cut off contact with someone after breaking up. It's what happens majority of the time when a breakup happens, and there doesn't always have to be a reason. You're not always going to be able to stay friends with the person when you break up, they don't always want to do that. Most of the time, people when they break up just don't want to be around that person anymore. Not even as a friend. So they stop communicating. That's how it goes, that's life. I realize this is your first breakup but it's something that happens very frequently and you're going to have to learn how to deal with it.

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