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I havent posted here in a very long time. Im sure some of you remember me from the summer. This girl showed alot of interest in me over the summer and we hung out alot and made out etc a few times. In about july, we stopped hanging out alot and I assumed it was because in july she started several new classes. However, she could have done stuff with me so I wasnt sure if that was a coverup or the truth.

So the fall semester started and shes in a few of my classes. I asked her a few times at the beginning of the semester and we did some stuff but she is taking 18 credits and works four days a week so I just let things go. I asked her to do something in september and she said that she is just really busy and doesnt do anything with anyone anymore due to work and school. I took that at her word because I didnt think that someone would make up that they dont do anything with anyone. However, I still think she could have done something with me on occasion.

So anyways I have not called her since then but we do see each other about once a week at school. We always have long conversations and she just seems way too nice to me for it to just be an act, like her being nice to me because were talking in person. Even though we see each other weekly I still have not said anything to her about doing something because of what she told me about being busy.

A few months ago she did tell me she was moving back home because she did not like it here, which I had no idea. I thought that could be an underlying reason for her stopping hanging out with me. The way she said it I could tell that this was something she had been planning and not something she had just thought about, she said "I hate it here." However, a few weeks ago we were talking and she was very excited and said she was offered a job here and now might be staying after all, although she said she isnt sure either way at this point.

So today I was driving down the street she lives off of and I thought I saw her walking with another guy, although it was nighttime so I couldnt be sure but I am almost certain it was her. This was another confusing thing about this girl: almost all her friends are guys. I guess its just confusing to me that she hasnt called me since probably early september and I havent called her either but she acts so nice to me in person.

I still think about her alot and it just really bothers me because we never dated and we havent hung out since september. I think this might stem from the fact that I havent really had a gf or much experience with girls. She also meets or exceeds all my wants in a girl. Lets just say I dont have alot of self confidence with girls, I always was confused as to why she wanted to hang out with me.

Any advice?

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