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Do you think in some weird way that he wants to move away from this relationship and although he is asking you to go with him he knows deep down that you are a planner and will not go?:confused:

Just a thought. Just went through something similar. Secured a job and everything where my boyfriend was moving and asked me to come with. We fought too about every detail and just the whole thing. I did like the area, whereas you and your boyfriend aren't fond of where hes moving.

Well long story short, I have stayed put. I started really thinking about the future with him and as soon as I was about to move he started acting weird. He said he loved me, wanted me to come, missed me, but his actions and tone was completely different. He later admited being cold because of all our fighting.

Anyway, Big decision Girl. Make a pro and con list. Do you really see yourself with this guy for the long haul if you look at life differently? What will your back up plan be if the two of you broke up?

Me and my ex actually broke up right before I was going to move and picturing myself in his town, but not with him, but working and not knowing anyone but him and his family is why I decided to stay. So you need to think it through and what happens if things don't work?

Im like you, a planner. My ex was like your boyfriend. Its a big change and a big deal but if you think you have nothing to loose and want to give it a shot I say why not?

I did not have that freedom because the job was expecting me to be there long term and was breaking my lease. I certainly did not want to work a couple months and not be able to deal with him and the town and move home. I was going to move to the COLD north 1,200 miles from home.

And if things arent working out now are they going to work out when things get stressful??

Either way--you'll have to make a decision and run with it. You can always go and come back.

I do have days though that I kind of regret not going. But I also have days that I am glad I didnt because in the long run I dont think it was best for me to be around him anymore.

You have to decide whats best for you and only you know that. Not him, not your friends, not family...just you.

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