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I did what you guys said and I told him last nite that I had to talk to him. I went over to his house and I started the conversation off about relationships. Before I could tell him how I felt, he went on and on about he didn't realize until recently that he doesn't want a girlfriend and how he wants to be free and that's why he broke it off with that girl. He only wants to date casually (not be a male whore) for the next year because he said he is nowhere near ready for a relationship. Then he said that he was sooo happy I was his friend and that I should help him meet girls. I didn't know this but he already put up profiles on a lot of major dating websites. He had me review them to make sure they were appealing.

So, to get to the quick, I said (jokingly) "what if you date me, too, then?" he started laughing and said that he has way too much respect for me and that we would never get along as a couple. In some way, he is right because if he even tried to pull or say some of the stuff he has about women, as his girlfriend, I would beat the living stuffing out of him. As a friend, I could just stand back and watch and then be the voice of reason for him. Ugh! Thinking about it now, if I tell him how I really felt about him, I can see it getting uneasy for the both of us. He would stop asking me about other girls and most likely not hang out with me as much. I could see that he would try to spare my feelings about meeting other girls but then that would force him to not be as open and trustful to me anymore. It would certainly dampen our friendship.

What to do, what to do?!

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