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I'm dealing with a similiar situation the child is almost 17 and my boyfriend was with the mother when she gave birth and before she got pregnant. He was not been in her life for more than half her life in total even when he was in a commited 7 year stable relationship she never came to visit them. We have been together for 2 yrs and I feel that his bond is with the mother and he has a relationship with the girl when it fits in with how they feel about each other. He swears it was about the mother at first but not anymore. I call her his fake daughter and have made it clear that I don't see a future with us cuz he can't let go of his past. I have given the mother a chance he went down to visit them twice in two months during the second visit I returned his call to her no and when she gave him the phone she said here baby. He denied anything was going on and said things like she calls everyone baby, they're just friends, I'm over reacting etc. I feel she showed her true colors and wants to cause problems with us. She has done other shady things to him in the past regarding his then current girlfriends. She is not the mother of his child just a ex and when he mentioned he was going for another visit 4 months later I asked him to wait until he had moved out of my house cuz I don't really feel comfortable with my ex laying up with his ex that was a year ago. Just this May he told me after I overheard a convo that the child was coming to town for a family event and that the mother would not be attending this was a Sat by Sun surprise surprise who shows up but the mother. I have made it clear that the next reunion he has with his fake family do not return to my house cuz we will be over.

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