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My girlfriend and I are both young. I am 24 and she is 22. We have been together for 5 years. We have had our ups and downs. Recently more downs. In my defense though this past year has been really difficult on me. My life has had it share of downward spirals. These issues are not in anyway her fault, but they are hard on her since shes the one that has been there picking up the pieces. Anyways a couple nights ago she tells me that she needs a "break". Things have become routine to her and being with me has been hard lately. I can understand this. She needs time to think, relax, put the focus back on her. I get that. Then she brings into the mix her desire to date other guys. HOLD ON! She needs time away from me to see other guys? She says that she got to thinking that maybe we aren't soul mates. Maybe there is someone out there better suited for her. Get this though. She wants me to wait around while she tests the waters. She wants to still "hang out" from time to time but see other people.

I see it playing out like this;
her "Hey how was your day?"
me "Not bad, went to work, how was yours?"
her "Well last night I went out with Joe he is so hot but I don't think he's my soul mate so tonight I am going out with Sam, I think we might connect better."
me "???????????" How does one even respond to stories about the person they love dating someone else.

Her side of things: She has only ever been with me. What if I am not the one. She feels like I am. She loves me but has doubts about us. She doesn't want to loose me in case I she figures out the grass isn't greener on the other side.

I have to leave her right? I can't sit around waiting for her to figure things out. If she needs to figure things out like this then we probably were never meant to be together.

Either you love someone and want to be with them or you don't can there be an in between?

I told her to give it a couple days WITHOUT dating anyone else. To really think it over. I won't be there if she decides to date other people. I refuse to be used like that. I told her and I guess we will see what she decides. Me or "them" she can't have both.

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