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I've been in a marriage of almost 13 years and never would have thought I could cheat on my husband or find someone new that I love so much! We have 3 beautiful children together and he was the only man I was with sexually. I have been having an affair for almost 1 year and the man I'm seeing now is married and he has 3 kids also. We're planning on divorcing our spouses and being together, he's going to start his divorce in Feb. and mine will be alot easier so I plan on getting divorced in May. We would like to start dating in August and then marry a year later. Before this new plan I had tried to break it off with him a million times because our children go to the same private school together and I see his wife at different functions. I honestly feel that we we're brought together for a reason and that I truly love him very much but I don't want to make the wrong decision and hurt our families. The man I'm with wants to keep going the way we are until his wife is done with school but I tell him if she knew that he was inlove with someone else then she wouldn't want to be with him and I hate lying to my husband. I'm living a lie when I'm with my husband and to me what we're doing is wrong with everyone that is involved. Some people think that if you cheat on your spouse you are the most horrible person, I know because thats how I felt when my best friend told me her husband was cheating. I didn't think it was in me to cheat but now that I'm here I can't forget the love I feel for him! My heart is broken either way because either way I'm hurt or our spouses are hurt and they don't deserve that!!
I guess I want some true,nonjudgemental advice from someone that has gone through this, I feel so confused right now! Btw my marriage was headed for divorce anyways, I don't think it's always best to marry your best friend! Thanks and if you're here to judge please don't because I will just pass on by your post!!!! None of us are perfect and you never know what you'll do until you do it!!

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