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Thanks for your responses. I accept that I am just going to have to trust him to do it on Monday. If I don't trust him enough to do it his way, I don't trust him. Whats a relationship without trust right?

We talked about it some more tonight. I do feel that he does like this girl, he told me he does. He say's that he has a "crush" on her but loosing me isn't worth the "what ifs" with someone else.

During tonights conversation I asked him if he was sure he wanted to end things with her. He told me yes but ONLY because he doesn't want to loose me. I told him that if he wasn't sure, not to do it, but to understand that I am out the door if he continues to see her outside of being co-workers. When I asked him what his ideal situation would be he said that rather then talking to her & telling her that him & I are back together that he would prefer to carry out a friendship with her while dating me. I told him that I was not comfortable with this at all. That if he really wants to be with me, the phone calls & "outings" with her would need to stop. This is reasonable to ask right? He said that he knows that & thats why he WILL tell her tomorrow. He also told me that had I not asked him to tell her that it's over between them, he said that he would have just not pursued anything with her but if she pursued him he probably would see her again. I told him that if he hid seeing her from me & I found out, or if he went out with her again & told me, our relationship would be over. Again he tells me that seeing her isn't worth loosing me. I don't get it??

He tells me that he DOES want to be with me BUT he likes her & can't help it. I want to trust that he is going to tell her about "us" & end things with her. I do trust that he will, BUT I know he wonders about the possibility of being with her..... I think if I told him that I would stay in his life as a "friend" while he pursued things with her that this would be his ideal, but he won't because he knows that if he keeps things up with her that I'll walk out the door for good. It's like he wants me back but my timing wasn't good because he's still curious & interested in dating her. Does that make sense? Though he does say that he is willing to end it with her to continue our relationship.

What do I do?

I can't be his friend while he dates other people. Even though I broke up with him, I wasn't really ready for things to end. I know I did this to myself & shouldn't have broken up with him in the first place. We were just at a point were we were bickering over little things, it got annoying. It wasn't worth giving him up over. I am just worried about starting things with him again when he clearly has an interest in someone else & possibly has doubts about us. He says he is worried I will hurt him again. However it doesn't appear to me that he was very hurt over our break up when he starts seeing someone after only a couple weeks.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that before our break up my boyfriend & this girl did NOT have a friendship or relationship of any kind (or so he says). They work in different departments & he only started talking to her after I had broken up with him. However he has mentioned her name to me before, saying that there is a new girl at work that most of the guys find attractive (except him). He actually told me months ago that one of his married male work friends & her had been flirting & how wrong it was since he was married. Now he tells me that he thinks he read it wrong & that this other guy liked her but she wasn't interested. Now I wonder if maybe it was really him & her flirting?

I have never had any reason not to trust him. I just feel insecure & uncomfortable with the fact that he admits to liking her & took her out. When I asked what he finds attractive about her he told me she has "really nice eyes" and a "pretty smile". He tells me that I am better looking (not that it matters) but he's not really making things any easier on me & how uncomfortable it makes me. Is it wrong that I am dying to know what she looks like??

I asked what their date was like, he says that they have a few things in common & she is a "cool girl" He also says that it felt good when she kissed him on the cheek & he knows their date "went well". It also bothers me that he went out of his way to buy her a bottle of tequila because he knew she liked it. It seems like he was looking for an actual relationship with her rather then a casual rebound. I know he was free to do whatever, but it leaves me questioning the quality of our relationship. I asked him between our first date & theirs which seemed "more right", he says ours.

He says he loves me & wants to be with me & that giving me up for someone he has spoken to for a week & been out with once isn't worth it. Do I just accept this? If he really wanted to be with her, wouldn't he just tell me? I really don't think he's the cheating kind. Is it just the excitement of something new that he liked? I know we have fallen into a routine. He says that the comfort with us is great but that it was "fun" getting to know her.

Am I digging into this too far?

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