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Re: What to do?
Oct 11, 2009
I just read through all the posts here. I'm glad you are seeing the light, troubledwomen.
Men LOVE to have women wanting them in any way possible. They love to play and the more they get the better they feel. (not all mind, there are gems somewhere)
It's good and healthy to look at this whole scene from all angles. It's good to face what is, for you, very hard to believe and look at because it's so disappointing.
But as long as you allow it, a guy will just keep stringing you along because they love it when girls like them. That's what they live for!
I notice that the first thing people like to do in these situations is "big time defend" the other person. That's the first thing they'll do is defend him/her. Making it impossible to see the light until they go through all the hardship.

He was probably so upset that one time you were pretty much saying goodbye, because he doesn't want to lose what little he has from you.
Like I said, men love it when women want them!

The whole entire story sounds just like what others are saying.
He is hiding things from you. Who knows what!
That's right, get angry at him. Forget him and move on. It's been so long now and he's taken up too much of your precious time.
You've learned a lot from this escapade. We all have to go through this stuff to learn how some men really are. Don't get me wrong though, I know there are many really good men somewhere.
Please hang in there, take a stand, don't do anything rash. Please forget him and move on. Don't waste anymore of your time.
Pursue yourself, your interests, your desires, what YOU want out of life and what you want to do.
Please keep up the updates because people here do care. :)

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