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I remember you! You were wondering how you could just avoid being mad at your boyfriend when he lies to you and disrespects you. I was the confused poster who couldn't understand how in the world it was your obligation to "not be angry" when your BF is lying to you about partying nights away with his young female neighbors.

I think you responded something to the effect that you didn't want to be "one of [I]those[/I] girlfriends."

Well, here you are after finding out he's having a lot more than just drinks with one of the girls. Are you ready to stand up for yourself now? See, when a guy is truly into you, he's not going to lie to you and go off drinking and making out with other chicks. He's going to be with you -- and look forward to it.

I am still confused here. Why in the world would you still want to have anything to do with this guy? He has no problem lying to your face about these girls and then going and hooking up with one of them!!! YUK.

I think it's time you stood yourself up straight and tall, realize you are worth more than being a doormat, kick this dirtball to the curb and let the "skank" have him. There is someone walking around who will be a much better fit for you, and he will never find you as long as you're still with this cheater.

He has made a fool of you. Don't let it happen again. It IS time to be one of "[I]those[/I]" girlfriends.

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