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I know breaking up with him is the easiest answer here, but the situations not that easy, I do love him, and aside from this, he's a great boyfriend. He recently moved into a new apartment about 3 months ago, and a month into it, him and his roommate met younger girls who live upstairs, girls he never mentioned meeting to me, and I had to find out through his phone.

He wouldn't tell me when he drank with them or anything which was like once a week in the beginning (they hardly hang out anymore, especially since i asked him nicely not not see them anymore, because i have met those girls, and I dont trust girls, esp them). He had no problem agreeing to this. My boyfriends roomate is always the one making the plans to drink, not my boyfriend, but he still goes along.

Anyhow, last night those girls showed up and we were all drinking, and my boyfriend had no problem bringing me around them or anything, but the one girl pulled me aside and said that she thought i was a cool nice girl and felt ithat it was necessary for her to tell me that she and my boyfriend made out one time the first week they met when they were drinking. She said that he failed to mention to any of them that he had a girlfriend (we were dating 6 months at this point) and that he finally said he had one a couple weeks within knowing them.

Well i guess since SHE didn't know he was taken, she came onto him. She said he was sleeping on the couch and they made out. I yelled at him, and was extremely upset, but today i just don't know what to do. It makes me sick to think he kissed another girl while being with me. He never fessed up to it, and I gave him plenty of chances. He admitted what happened did actually happen after i confronted him. I want so much to be able to trust him, but he's giving me reasons not to. Moving on and dumping him is easier said than done.

Please someone help, is it worth breaking up with him over? Forgive him? Why did he do this when we have a good relationship overall? I plan on having a rational conversation about this with him, but your opinions help! Thanks
Not only did you have to hear it from someone else, but you had to hear it from the girl he cheated with! Please, girl, look at the facts. If you were my friend in real life, I'd make sure you broke up with him because I would never allow a friend of mine to stay with a guy like this. He doesn't respect you, he has made that clear by never telling the truth about where he is and with whom. Now he has kept his cheating from you, another lie, and you're questioning whether you should break up?

The whole "but I love him" argument just doesn't matter. It's completely irrelevant to your decision. Re-examine the facts and realize that the answer is clear.

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