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I know breaking up with him is the easiest answer here, but the situations not that easy, I do love him, and aside from this, he's a great boyfriend. He recently moved into a new apartment about 3 months ago, and a month into it, him and his roommate met younger girls who live upstairs, girls he never mentioned meeting to me, and I had to find out through his phone.

He wouldn't tell me when he drank with them or anything which was like once a week in the beginning (they hardly hang out anymore, especially since i asked him nicely not not see them anymore, because i have met those girls, and I dont trust girls, esp them). He had no problem agreeing to this. My boyfriends roomate is always the one making the plans to drink, not my boyfriend, but he still goes along.

Anyhow, last night those girls showed up and we were all drinking, and my boyfriend had no problem bringing me around them or anything, but the one girl pulled me aside and said that she thought i was a cool nice girl and felt ithat it was necessary for her to tell me that she and my boyfriend made out one time the first week they met when they were drinking. She said that he failed to mention to any of them that he had a girlfriend (we were dating 6 months at this point) and that he finally said he had one a couple weeks within knowing them.

Well i guess since SHE didn't know he was taken, she came onto him. She said he was sleeping on the couch and they made out. I yelled at him, and was extremely upset, but today i just don't know what to do. It makes me sick to think he kissed another girl while being with me. He never fessed up to it, and I gave him plenty of chances. He admitted what happened did actually happen after i confronted him. I want so much to be able to trust him, but he's giving me reasons not to. Moving on and dumping him is easier said than done.

Please someone help, is it worth breaking up with him over? Forgive him? Why did he do this when we have a good relationship overall? I plan on having a rational conversation about this with him, but your opinions help! Thanks
So...what if that girl didn't think you were cool and nice? What if she decided she really wanted your man, and that you were a stupid skank who had it coming and didn't tell you she made out with him? You still wouldn't know, right? The only reason you know is because SHE told you, not him. He didn't come clean until he absolutely had no other choice. He was caught.

Is it worth breaking up with him over? Well, I think it depends on why you're seeing him. If you don't really care for him, and it's just a casual, temporary thing and neither of you are commited and you never talked about not seeing other people, then maybe. But if it was understood that you were in an exclusive relationship pursuing a possible future together, and real love is involved, then yes, perhaps it's best to end it now rather than when even more time and emotions are invested and he still is slipping away to meet and drink with and make out with other girls. And by not wanting to be one of [I]those[/I] girlfriends, do you mean, one of those girlfriends who expects her boyfriend to respect and honor her, to be honest, transparent and forthright with her, to make her and the relationship a priority and doesn't accept less? Being that kind of girlfriend is bad, WHY, exactly? You don't have to rant and rave and go crazy and yell and scream and cry and make scenes. The only thing you have to do is know what you're worth. You don't even have to get mad at him. You just have to know and love yourself enough to know what kind of treatment you will and won't tolerate. You can evne do it with a nice, pleasant smile on your face while you tell him that he can make out with whomever he wishes, just not with you as his girlfriend, because you expect promises made to you to be kept, and you expect honesty. You don't give anything less, and you don't deserve anything less and if he doesn't agree, then he's not the right man for you. After all, one of the hardest lessons we must learn while dealing with love, is that YOU are the only person in the whole world that you HAVE to spend the rest of your life with. If you sell you out for the sake of some schmoe who makes out with other girls and who probably will dump you for one of these other girls by this time next year, then you have nothing. Take care of you. Be your own best friend and your own greatest love.

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