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I just really want clarification that this is normal.

I first met my current girlfriend on a night out in August, we hit off (but we didn't sleep together). We arranged to see each other again in the next few weeks.

She was currently finishing her placement year and was just about to go back to University to finish off her degree - which is about 1hr 45 min away.

She wasn't the most talkative in texts but when we did finally meet and met again the next week we got closer. Texting more often, and we went out again, and decided we were bf/gf. This was before Uni hit hard for her

While she was moved away she'd come up mid-week to see me and visit her old work (she loved her placement job and was hating going back to uni!)

About the start of Nov uni hit hard and she failed to show up for a day we had planned, and her texting got less - sometime i wouldn't hear from her in 4 days!

Well in the end i saw for the first time Friday, now that she had finished the hard part of uni, but she was meant to stay over on Sun but never even let me know she had decided not to.

We still haven't slept together a she said it was too soon, but I havent tried it obviously for 5 weeks!

We have arranged to go away for new year and she did invite me away mid Jan when we met on Friday - and I know for a fact she isn't cheating, am I being silly or is this unusual? I also have OCD quite bad and I'm not having to deal with Relationship OCD...:-(

Anyway when we do meet, we have a great time and a laugh, she just doesn't seem interested in phoning me or texting me - even on certain social networking sites and messengers she won't initiate conversation. I also initiated the meeting on Friday, I doubt I would ever see her again if i didn't (unless I'm just paranoid!?)

She is the outdoors type, and is doing a degree in an industry which is male dominated, and she does have more male friends than girls, if that helps (not my usual type of girl but I have fallen in love with her!)

Any advice is really appreciated :-)


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