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[QUOTE=Mileena42;3826717]OK, so we have people who stay even though they are mis-treated. I was going to say abused, but I think that kind of relationship falls into a whole new catagory. BUT what about people who stay for no other reason than it's comfortable. Do we all get to the point that the passion has died and even the respect may be scarred. Not gone, but badly warped.....and still we stay because thats the easy thing to do?

It really took me years to come to the point of being "content". Maybe I am going way off tangent here...but a GF and I were discussing this not long ago....I feel like every relationship I was in......the grass was always greener.....and I never stopped "looking".....I have been involved with men I KNEW I had no intention of having a future with....but let it ride because I was waiting for something else to come along. WHEN it did, then I moved on......

Rose, that one guy who dumped me....was the ONLY time I have ever been dumped.....and I went back six months later and messed up a relationship he had going because I basically seduced him.....and then and only THEN was I finished with him. You know, I don't feel like I am coming out to look good in this.......gee wonder what you would call this??? I really do think it was pride....I just didnt want to be "dumped",.........

So, is there a book out there for women like me? Although, like I said whatever ghost are in my past, I am "content" now. Then, I have to wonder if it's because I am older and don't want to put forth the effort anymore.

Women who are "co-dependant" and just don't feel like they can move on? I have always gotten really MAD at friends who did this.......esp if they were being mistreated. I never did understand it completely. Thats why I was sooo proud of Redneon when she left her BF. It (to me) is a sign of a strong woman. I think men take it for granted sometimes that some women will put up with being treated badly. To be fair too....I have seem men who fall into this catagory too......but it seems like they get out quicker and there are fewer of them. At least here in the south where men are suppose to be the "strong" manly type and thats what a lot of the women look for in a man.

Anyway, its interesting to discuss why the different sexes put up with some things, and what kind of woman would put up with even cheating to keep a man. I know a few of those too. I just have to shake my head.


oh sure it gets comfortable, people usually resist change, and yeah it is easier.....LOL There doesn't have to be passion to be content.....
As far as that guy dumping you and you going back and messing up his wanna know what that's called? Sweet Revenge Sister!
And yes I think getting older and wiser definatly has something to do with it. I don't advocate revenge, and I don't even think about it now....well maybe a passing thought here and there, but I really do believe in Karma, and I think that usually takes care of things.....
I also have/had friends who would stay in bad, and not just bad.....actually abusive relationships. I tried to get them to see the light, but some just won't for all kinds of reasons, they're not self-sufficient, don't work, don't have skills, not sure how they'd survive on their own, paying rent,'s sad and I think it's so important for parents to teach their daughters to be self-sufficient and get an education so they have choices, so they won't HAVE to tolerate anything they don't want to because they can't afford to leave and they can't see their way out of their situation. I've actually lost respect for women who don't find a way to get out of those situations, or at least try to. I too was so proud of Red I wanted to hug her!

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