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You've discussed the "bringing up" of past sexual stuff and it appears she has it in check for the most part. Some women will talk about their likes and dislikes in a general way as simply a reference to the past which sounds like the VS remark. I know women that tell their bf and husbands about men in their pasts and weird things the men in the past used to do - things they did they didn't like etc and some women, if they feel close to the man they are with will share things with the man as they would with a girlfriend. If she hasn't been doing this much at all after your talk as you said and it's not in a way that is mean't to make you jealous then let it go. As far as meeting with friends and ex's - per example: My brother is happily married now yet his circle of friends consists of his "first". They are all great friends so should he not have anything to do with his friends if this women is there? The mistake is this "first" being a jerk and immature by bringing this stuff up (not her fault) and you realizing that its in the PAST. As long as she's not bringing stuff up in a mean or "throw it in your face way", and is loving and committed to you then let it go. You have a past and so does she.

Insecurity is rearing it's ugly head with you and the quickest way to lose a loved one is by jealousy. It's suffocating and it slams the other person in the face by essentially saying "I don't trust you". You're on the right track - it's hard to get jealousy in check but if you don't she will eventually lose her feelings for you OR become fearful of you. Don't let it get to that point.

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