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honestly those guys are always going to be around, especially in your case. Being a guy i automatically feel like going and doing something rather regretful when those situations occur. ill share two scenarios with you and it proved to me the right course of action is nothing. The first one, a persistence guy as in your case, i ended up in a fight with him, and it did not do anything in my favor whats so ever. she was upset that i was fighting, i gave the guy too much attention which intern gave him power. that relationship ended shortly after which lasted about a year. Now i am with this amazing girl for 5 months, and she had the same problem with those guys when i first met her. I did nothing, she is a grown women and if she is a respectable girl and knows how to handle situation which gives her the tools to handle it herself. those guys are no longer a problem because she payed no attention to the little boys that wanted it. like everyone else here is saying, just enjoy it and don't be so hard on her, it all comes down to trust. we all have issues with relationships, its a work in progress, best of luck

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