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Truthfully, one of the "things" guys like him do is to display a sweet streak. I have a very good friend who's husband is a very bad man. But he will occasionally do very nice things. Why? He's not stupid. When she is struggling with her list of reasons to leave she always throws in those very nice things he occasionally did on his "plus" side. To me, because I'm stepped back from it, I can clearly see it's calculated. He's done it for years and it works. She can never quite admit that she knows it's his way of working people but I think even she's figured it out.

And just one more thing. I'm going to be very politically incorrect here. I am getting really sick and tired of all the young women who are "girlfriends" with 2 kids of some guy or women who are talking about planning starting a family with their roommate, i.e., the guy they are currently living with. You said that he talks about having a baby or getting married. PLEASE don't have a child with this guy. Maybe the having a baby before the getting married was stated was just the way you worded it. But I think old grumps like me need to start speaking up. These pretend families we have have got to stop. Women have got to start demanding commitments. You come from a family of women who serviced men while undervaluing their worth. It needs to stop and you sound like a wonder, bright, caring person. YOU are good enough to have it all so it might as well start with YOU!

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