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[QUOTE=WindieOne;3838904]The real problem I have with my son's girlfriend is not that she is an addict - getting addicted to prescription meds could happen to any of us. The problem I have is the continual lying and the threat to my son's health if she is out there sleeping around in order to pay for her habit: 100 pills a day is hard to maintain when you don't have a job...[/QUOTE]

May I ask how you know she takes 100 pills a day? My ex-boyfriend took vicodins and when I was dating him, if he took 4 pills a day, it knocked him out, thus I would tend to think 100 pills could kill a person.

Also, he paid $5.00 for a bottle of 90 pills (state insurance).

How do you know if she is sleeping around? Do you have any proof or are you just assuming this?

Lastly, I agree with Izzy's Mom, Liz said it best. You may want to post on the addiction forum.


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