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Hi Folks :wave:

Thanks for the welcome back! Rosequartz, I think about this forum, but one thing I can’t manage to do is to fit in everything I would like to do away from the computer *and* visit all the best discussion boards as well! I need 48-hour days and an 8 day week, but often, when I think about this site, I’m deterred by the fact it runs so s-l-o-w-l-y on my computer. Otherwise I’d be back here a lot, because it certainly is a good place for intelligent discussion, with the moderators keeping disruptive elements away.

I’ve heard of the ‘stop’ method, but the trouble is that I have an underlying tendency to obsessive bad thoughts that can bother me so much I have to guard against them permanently. I beat the habit for several years at a time, but sooner or later something happens that I can’t resolve to my liking and I regrettably slip back into it, and I not only relive the incident that triggered the problem, but a lot of other garbage as well. And yes, Pendulum, I do have many good memories, but the need to tell someone from the past the things I wish I’d been able to articulate at the time can be compulsive! It’s the very worst habit I have, so the one I most want to be rid of!

As for doing happy things, I recently painted two horses, a palomino and a golden dun, that are the finest I’ve done to date and for a month or two I’ve been considering what kind of background is worthy of them. Although I never planned it, the horses now stand in grass full of flowers, with a galaxy of stars above their heads. Yes, I can immerse myself in something like that and still have disturbing thoughts nagging away!

Rosequartz, I’m not talking about the woman you have in mind, but this post is getting long, so I think I’ll say more next time.

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