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He's still with his ex. That is blatantly obvious. You know, people can tell you something that isn't true. It's lying. My best friend had the hardest time with this concept because she's the most honest person you'd ever meet and couldn't fathom that some people LIE! So when he tells you he loves you, it's just so you'll keep sleeping with him. Awful of him to take advantage of you like that!

I dated a guy who told me he was "protecting" a woman friend from her psycho ex (so he told me). He also "slept on the couch" at her place several nights a week to help keep her safe (right...). I finally found out that they were actually LIVING TOGETHER and he'd told her he was working out of town on the nights he spent with me.

Demand the truth. Tell him you want to know once and for all if he's still having a relationship with his ex. If he acts sketchy, run for the hills.

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