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This is my honest, impartial opinion. I am placing myself in your shoes and to be really honest, your post is what motivated me to register to this site. What is it about this guy that is telling you he is the absolute best thing to ever happen to you? It has to be whatever he does or says when you are together because when his "family" comes into play, he seems to forget just how special you really are. For some reason he feels the need to keep you a secret from his wife and it is leaning more towards unfaithfulness. That comes in many forms. He doesn't have to be sleeping with her to be unfaithful to you. I believe he is deceiving you and his wife. He is telling her one thing - to make her believe he is still single and trying to get himself together; then on the other hand he is leading you to believe you are so special to him. Put yourself first here. If you think about it, he really isn't the glamorous things you mentioned him to be or you wouldn't be hurting and seeking advice right now. Reality tells you that he isn't Prince Charming after all because he leaves you high and dry when the wife and kid are around. Surely after 7mths of dating and becoming emotionally intimate, you are worthy of meeting his 12yr old. We aren't speaking about a toddler who might become confused, but a mature young boy with the ability to realize and understand that his parents are no longer together but are allowed to love him the same and introduce new relationships where others will grow to love him as well, ex: you! Sit down and have a long talk with him about your feelings, you can't become so overwhelmed with how he might react that you continue to allow yourself to come in second for the sake of saving the relationship. How long does he expect this to go on, it's been almost a year!? I hope you know how special you truly are and that you can offer someone the best of you, and you should only accept that in return. Never "SETTLE", that is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your relationship! (I speak from experience)

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