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Sorry it took so long for me to get back on here (i have to use the computer from work)...


Sorry, but there's no way I'd put up with a guy who treated me this way. You guys have been together for a year and are exclusive, right? I just want to be sure I'm understanding.[/QUOTE]

Yes, we have been dating for a year and are exclusive...


Well, if you truly, deep down in your gut, don't believe he would do anything hinky with her, then no, you shouldn't be suspicious. What exactly is it that's bothering you about her staying there and his paying for her ticket? ARE you suspicious, or just feeling a bit insecure? I do agree with stenolady, that his behavior is inappropriate and is indicative of his taking you for granted. To me, THAT'S the real problem, not whether or not he will take this one opportunity to cheat.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I do feel like he doesn’t think before he acts, hence the sudden plans. I am more annoyed that I felt that he ‘forgot’ about our plans in the works and did this. But I see in other aspects of his life how forgetful he is! And I suppose a bit jealous because I feel that he never does something this impromptu with me…

[QUOTE=shorti;3843892]correct me if im wrong but you only found out about him paying for the plane ticket and her staying at his parents house because you asked him. you said are you paying for the hotel? and he said no shes staying at my parents place. if you never asked about the plane ticket and stuff, you probably would never know. a real boyfriend would sit down and discuss things with you first before she was even coming. your feelings should be more important. .[/QUOTE]

Yes, he never mentioned buying the plane tickets until I asked him (only after he went on about how she doesnt make alot of money...) then I continued to think well then he must be paying for the hotel as well....but he said that she was staying at his parents when I asked.

I think he would of eventually told me about her staying at his place, being as every weekend we stay at one another’s places...yeah I wonder if he would of told me about him purchasing the plane ticket. I think when I asked he looked a little nervous about saying that he did buy the

[QUOTE=shorti;3843892]a real boyfriend would sit down and discuss things with you first before she was even coming. your feelings should be more important. you wanted to go snowboarding with him but he chose to invite her down without even telling you first. he should of asked, hey im thinking of inviting my ex down, would this bother you?[/QUOTE]

Yeah I think initally, I was mad that he had forgot that we were making plans, then I was mad that his EX was coming down of all people, then I was mad that he never even brought this up (which made me think this was a spur of the moment thing or something):dizzy:

He is friends with another ex gf, and told me that ‘well you are cool with my other ex blah blah blah coming down, so I didn’t think you would mind…. (this OTHER ex of his is married and I have actually communicated with her…via email..she seemed cool and was coming down to visit with her husband) but this other ex I don’t know much about except what I saw on her my space and what little my bf has told me about her…so I h=guess that’s where the awkwardness is coming from (and I am supposed to hang out with her that weekend going snowbarding…I just don’t know…

also how come her boyfriend isnt coming down? if he was coming, this would make a difference but it seems that his annoyed at her for coming down and you are feeling a bit uneasy about this but yet they will continue to hang out together even though both their partners feel uncomfortable. i really think they need to get their priorities right. like another poster said, i'd dump him too. find a man that will treat you like a queen and respect your feelings. good luck.[/QUOTE]

yeah her bf was upset that she was coming down which is why at first she was not coming down, but I guess her bf got over it by saying he was going to vegas without her…lol

[QUOTE=Seraph;3844253]Just a thought, tho, will you be turning up for your regular weekend sleepover? I would be, LOL. Sera[/QUOTE]

Oh yes, you bet I am!! ;) there will be drama if not!!:p

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