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Re: Online dating
Jan 15, 2009
[QUOTE=BigRed54;3850523]I had a couple of long e-mail correspondences with some guys who lived a couple hours away - I really wanted to date local people. I dated another guy last winter for 5 months, but turned out he really didn't want a relationship as much as a friendship. We have maintained a friendship but I don't want FWB so it goes no farther. Accepted a couple dates this summer but they just wanted one thing (not the same thing I wanted!). I also had some random contacts from guys but was able to tell early on in the e-mails what they wanted! ;)

When I saw his profile online I was actually at a point where I wanted to take a hiatus from dating. His profile contained a challenge I just couldn't resist. So I sent him a very short e-mail and he responded. We kept volleying back and forth, but I didn't really think it was going anywhere and was not anxious to take it anywhere. I was surprised when he suggested we meet up, but willing because he was funny. We had never even exchanged phone numbers at that point. He just e-mailed and said he was going to be in town for an appointment and we should have coffee. Since I had the day off work anyway, I agreed.

He's a great guy, wonderful, caring, responsible, raised two kids on his own, same job forever. I have the utmost respect for him and our sense of humor and our upbringing are very similar. He treats me very differently than any man I've ever known. We are growing closer as we date more and I can't wait to see where the journey takes me. But over the dating break I took, I know that I will be okay no matter what![/QUOTE]

Sounds great. But it sounds like you had to kiss a few bad frogs before you found your boyfriend...Internet dating doesn't work for everyone.

So these other guys who were after only one could you tell? Was it really that obvious? And those that you met - how did you feel when meeting up? With your boyfriend, did it feel right from the moment you met?
I'm just wondering what I should be feeling if I meet a man from the internet if I want to pursue it.

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