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[B]Background Information: [/B]
Me and this girl (we'll call her C.) have known each other since 6th grade.. approximately 9 years... and I have had strong feelings for her for about 7 of those years.. She's my best friend's cousin.. and we have pretty much grown up together. We never actually dated because she didn't like me like that in School.. and whenever she almost gave me a chance I started dating my girlfriend of 5 years and she started dating her boyfriend of 5 years.

7 months ago her boyfriend left her.. and two weeks after that my (wife at the time - now legally separated; waiting on the papers to be complete.) left me. I have a daughter with my ex-wife, who is four. I helped C. through her struggle with the breakup, and vise versa.. We started talking for a few weeks and then, once again, she began talking to someone else.. so I just kinda fell back.

[B]New Years Eve: [/B]
Wednesday I was sitting at work wondering what I was going to do that night and I got a text from C. She was inviting me to a party.. so I told her we would see, because I thought I would be hanging out with her cousin (my best friend) that night.

So I left work and went to my friend R. (her cousin)'s house.. and we started wondering what we were doing that night. So we waited for like 4 other guys to get there then we decided to go eat dinner..
Fast forward to when we arrive at the party where C. is..[/I]

From there it went crazy.. I had like 25+ shots.. I was tore up.. I got high.. (for the first time..) and made out with C. all night.

She told me she has liked me for a long time or whatever.. and that she was scared about dating me because she didn't want to ruin our friendship. So I left the party at like.. 5.

So I began talking to C. again.. and she told me she had no regrets from new years.. and that she really liked me but she was leaving Friday to go back to college (about a 2 hour drive from here..)

So.. Saturday I went and picked up my daughter.. Then I went back to my friend's house where we all met up.. including C... But this time.. I had my daughter. So I noticed she was acting different.. Well we hung out until my daughter started getting ill.. So I left and went back home.. My daughter fell asleep and I started talking to C. where I asked her what was wrong..

She said nothing she was just 'unsure' about the situation.. so I referenced my daughter to see if that was the issue and she said no that that had nothing to do with it. She said that she really likes me, and really enjoyed new years, but she was afraid of a long-distance relationship.. She wanted to avoid us getting hurt.

So I went back out to my friend's when my daughter (She stayed with my Sister..) fell asleep.. and me and C. just sat on the front porch.. and talked for like four hours just about random things.. Then she got tired, I got a goodnight kiss, and she went home.. I followed (to my house).

We basically decided that it would be hard to have a long distance relationship.. but we wanted to see what would come out of our relationship.. She told me she wanted to start as friends and see where things went..

C. called me at work and asked me what I was doing tonight.. and I told her I was going to a local county and she asked if she could come.. that it could be our "First Date"..

So anyways, I called in a Flower order at a local Flower Shop that's right next to my Work.. and they completely hooked me up.. Her favorite colors are Orange and Purple.. so I got her some Orange Carnations and some Purple Fillers.. Anyways, she loved them.

So then we went to Olive Garden.. the whole experience was just good.. We just talked the entire time, bonding, I guess you could say.. and enjoying each other's company.. Then we went to go see "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler.. (Lame movie by the way.. we both agreed on that.. Lol.) Of course, the movie started like.. an hour later after we arrived so we just sat and talked some more.. She's probably the only girl that I can stay interested in throughout such long talks..

All-in-all, it was seriously a great night. She did mention something about how we were pushing the boundaries on friendship.. but she liked that.

[B]Tuesday: [/B]
And another good night with her.. We hung out with some friends, watched some movie about a video game that if your character dies, you die. It was quite stupid.. but C. was very jumpy and held on to me throughout the entire thing... Outside of a Cat pissing in my car.. and pissing me off (pun intended).. excellent night.

[B]Wednesday: [/B]
So I called her up and invited her to come meet my parents.. I knew she would be leaving Friday to go back to college.. so I, at the very least, wanted her to meet my family. I went and picked her up after I got off of work.. We went and rented "Wanted" and then I took her to my house.

Her and my parents got along surprisingly well.. anyways, after dinner we went into my room and watched "Wanted".. then after that... well, one thing led to another and we just ended up making out and being very intimate.. We came very close to having sex and we stopped.. At this point it was about 4am and she just kept repeating "I really need to go.. before something happens." So, I respected that.. took her home.. got a good night kiss and went home.

[B]Thursday: [/B]
So with this being her last night in town.. I really wanted to spend it with her.. at about 7pm she sent me a text telling me she was eating at AppleBees with her friend AM.. so I began to drive.. got there.. Ate, walked around Wal-Mart.. and as we were leaving I asked her if she wanted to come back to my house and she said "No, that I really need to get home and pack.."

So I left Wal-Mart, and five minutes later I called her to make sure she didn't want to come over.. and she said she did to meet me at her house. So I did.. picked her up.. went back to my house and just had a good time... then one thing led to another.. eventually I was on top of her, asked her if she wanted to have sex with me.. and if she didn't I would be okay.. she said she was scared.. and then she said she wanted to. So we did.

[I]Amazing. [/I]It just seemed so right.

[B]If you are still reading this.. then your intentions of helping me are clear.. and now I can actually get to the problem at hand. [/B]

She has now moved back to college.. A two hour drive.. Where she goes to college throughout the week and does a sport on the weekends practically all day.

She tells me she doesn't know what she wants with this.. that it's complicated. She says she can't just go back to being friends..

It's like..

She doesn't SEEM interested.. but then again she does.. It's like I'm getting mixed signals. Maybe she's afraid truly about having a long distance relationship.. I don't know..

..but then again, I've been chasing her for like.. 10 years, and maybe she's scared to tell me she's NOT interested in fear of hurting me again..

..but then again, she's told all of her friends about me.. because she keeps telling me "Well, you have X's permission.."

So I just don't know..

Do I just take it one day at a time.. or mention to her that I'm getting mixed signals.. or just leave that in the back of my head that she doesn't want to hurt me..?

I really like her.. and I fully believe that she is worth a long-distance relationship.. because I know we can both remain faithful.

It could just be bad timing.. We both just got out of bad relationships.. she's going back to college.. What should I do?

- J.

[b]Edit: [/b]

I fully agree that the timing is pretty bad. I really, really like her.. and I'm willing to go the extra mile.. but I have a feeling that it may not work out. I've always been an impatient man (probably my only true flaw..) and it's difficult to not know if we're dating.

She just keeps saying she doesn't know, but I feel as if we can't actually see each other.. then there's nothing I can do to make her want to be with me. If that makes sense.

I know if we started dating, I could go up there for one weekend per month when her sports take the weekend off.. and she'll be out of school in May.. she'll come home for a few months.. then move to another school that's only 30 minutes away.

However, I don't want to feel like I'm holding her back from doing what she wants in college.. Like, I would rather her be happy and with a guy at her college that she can see daily.. then be tied up with someone from home that she can see once a month.

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