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My boyfriend of 6/7 months broke up with his girlfriend of 5 years about a month before he and I started dating. We had been seeing each other on and off for a year now. They have a 2 year old daughter who he sees about 4 days a week. I pretty much live with him so I see her that often also, although her mom doesn't even know he's dating!

Anyway, he also has a 8 year old son with another woman who he sees every other weekend, which was the case throughout his 5 year relationship with the current ex. I have not met his son yet, nor does his son know his dad is no longer with the girlfriend. My boyfriend only recently sat down his son and told him that he's no longer with the girlfriend...and his son didn't even seem to care!

So, my current dilemna is that the current ex has requested to see/hang out with my boyfriend's son, who's not hers! My boyfriend agreed to ask his son if he wants to see her, which he'll probably ask this weekend. I'm deeply hurt by this in that I feel like he's honoring HER request, not his son's. If my boyfriend had arranged meetings for his son and his ex early on in the breakup, I would understand. I would also understand if his son (of his own accord) asked to see his dad's ex girlfriend. But it's the fact that SHE is asking and he's taking steps to honor HER request... I told my boyfriend my concerns and he didn't understand and told me that I don't understand the situation. He basically told me that it doesn't matter who asks first, that he's going to ask his son if he wants to see/hang out with the ex and my boyfriend is going to leave the final decision to his son.

Am I being jealous and paranoid? I often have feelings and suspicions that my boyfriend may still have feelings for his ex, so the jealous and paranoid feelings are nothing new for me. But I posted on here to find out others' opinions and find out if I have a valid point. If I do in fact have a valid point, what are my options? What can I say to my boyfriend to help him empathize with me? What can I say to make him realize how I see his true intentions (to honor HER request and cater to HER) as being hurtful to our relationship and any possibility I may have of EVER meeting his son? I feel like it's a step backward for us in that the ex will be in his son's life even longer which will prolong me meeting his son! Please help me! Please shed some light on this!!!

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