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Relationship Health Board Index be honest you seem to be either too naive, easily manipulated and bit immature yourself since you got yourself in such situation in the first place. Your gf obviously has issues-and they have nothing to do with you. If she's bipolar she needs to see a doctor. If she hits you, bites you, lets her kids hit you and call you names-then that is your problem for letting them treat you that way. The only abused party here is you...or should I say self-abused.
You just want to run from it, cos' you now see it's all too much for you...and that is your right. You certainly shouldn't stay with someone you don't love or even like much, but you did get yourself into it...probably cos' you let your penis do the thinking! You say all your troubles started after you had sex with her? That's how you men get horny, and you just wanna do it, as soon as possible and then when shit hits the fan you wanna run from it.
I assume she didn't just go crazy out of just didn't notice it before, cos' you were occupied with other things. Anyway, you can't just ran need to talk to her...which you should be able to since you 2 met online, and I assume did a lot of talk to her, tell her how it's all just too much for you, but that you worry about her and that you would like to help her if you can.
If her husband was abusing her for 16 years, that says a lot about him but also about her. I feel sorry for those women, but I don't understand why in hell they didn't run from their abusive husbands...why stay with someone like that for 16 years? Anyway, thats a whole new just try to talk to her before you run from that what you call hell.

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