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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hi all :wave:

I apologise that it’s taken me so long to reply. I have been reading everybody’s replies and, if I’m honest, it is cowardice that has stopped me from responding.

A few things have happened… Louise found out that her ex-boyfriend, the father of her unborn baby, cheated on her whilst they were still together and after they found out she was pregnant. This prompted her to consider a termination because she wanted nothing more to do with him. For now, at least, she says she couldn’t go through with that, especially since she has seen her fully-formed baby moving on the ultrasound machine. She also has the support of her sisters, to whom I am very grateful because it has made me feel less overwhelmed by the situation.

Meanwhile, things are still developing between myself and Lora. I have been wondering whether she is genuinely interested in meeting up because she has been reluctant to commit to it. But I got her to explain her feelings last night and she basically wants to be confident that something long-term would develop before meeting up. I have assured her that I don’t get into relationships lightly. I have been avoiding conversation with Louise and I’ve found myself feeling bad for talking to Lora and not her.

I know you will all say that is silly of me. Yes, Louise hurt me the first time around. And, yes, her baby is no responsibility of mine. But, purely as a friend, I don’t want to hurt her. And I feel that if I tell her about Lora, it will hurt her. But I know I have to tell Louise about Lora, or else just cut all contact with her, because otherwise I will be disrespecting anything that might flourish between Lora and I. At the moment I’m just burying my head in the sand. I suppose what I really want is for things to become clearer between Lora and I.

Lora is spending a large amount of time with her ex-boyfriend. Today she says she’s going to take him clothes shopping because she wants to help him find a new girlfriend so he can be “happy again” – her words. I suggested to her that he wouldn’t be able to find somebody new as long as they spend time together. She obviously picked up on my insecurity about the situation and told me that she has told her ex-boyfriend all about me and that it won’t “upset” her if he tells her he wants her back, because she knows she wants to be with me.

Now, I’m not the jealous type. From my point of view it does not worry me that she spends time with her ex-boyfriend. I worry for [I]him[/I] that his hopes might be dashed. But if she tells me that she wants me then that’s good enough to assure me that she wouldn’t mess me around. No matter how many times I’ve been cheated on, I’m not going to become cynical. What [I]does[/I] worry me is that when we eventually get around to meeting up in person, we won’t click like we have personality-wise over the telephone.

I just want to meet Lora in person and find out whether or not that’s the case. At the moment it’s becoming an increasing source of stress to me that we might be setting ourselves up for a big fall :([/COLOR][/FONT]

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