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everyday i replay the past in my life, i cry so hard, i feel so hopeless... all because i feel like i messed up my relation ship with my boyfriend..i quit my job because i never got to see my lover... i spent way to much time with another man...i was/never will be sexually attracted to him to my ex co worker but i feel so hopeless because i think i crossed the boundaries of flirting with him. I talked to him like i talked to my boyfriend..which is never acceptable.. but i went to school then to work at night he was my work partner he was just there to talk....the only reason i feel so depressed because my friend said jokingly i had feelings for him...i mean i did care for him but it just made me sick thinking about being with another over a year i still think about this...everytime i drive past my old work it beings back memories.. everytime i see this guys name i think of it...i know from this i will never ever talk to another man...but it hurt me so bad i just dont no how to get over it... yes i did tell my boyfriend he says we are only human...i know what your thinking why are you still dwelling on it if your boyfriend didnt care...i feel astho i needed to punish myself..and now that i have been for a year i dont no how to let it go please help me.

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