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I've heard a lot of women say the same thing - they made all the arrangments, did all the calling, etc. and most of them say that when they tried a little experiment and just stopped calling, he just disappeared. There are some men out there who will be glad to let you take the lead and enjoy the convenience of having an easy relationship just laid out in front of them (and easy access to all the sex they want without having to work for it) but that wont' necessarily make him fall in love with you. Being convenient and being a woman he will really love are not the same thing. Often, men fall in love withe the most inconvenient women, women who are demanding, expect him to do the heavy lifting in the relationship, women who insist on being treated like a princess. I think a man will either fall in love with how you make him feel, or he won't. Giving him easier access to yourself than any other woman does will make him take whatever you want to give him as long as it amuses him, but it won't make him love you.

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