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I have been going out with a wonderful man for 7 months, I set up home with him, brought a gorgeous cat and have been very happy!!! We have been to London, Paris, see shows - you name it we have done it. We love each other badly and then I had an anxiety attack, the first time he was wonderful, took time with me, cuddle me etc. The second time he was a little uneasy and said it was hurting him seeing me go through this, so I promised I would talk to him and I would change, as he wanted to end it! Then it came again and this time he ended it and asked me to leave! I left and have been staying at friends hoping he would see that I was sorry but each time I saw him he was saying that his head said No dont go back there but his heart was saying grab me and lets move on. I can't stop calling him or texting as I want him to know I am changing, I am having hypnotherapy for my attacks. He says he knows but I have hurt him badly and he cant take that chance on me. So on Friday I did not text him or call him and I went round on Saturday as I was missing him and the cat. We ended up test driving a car, and afterwards MASSIVE cuddles where he held me tight were given and passionate kiss and he said to me "there is sooo much feeling there". So we agreed to see each other on Sunday, he never answered my texts about a time so again I popped round, this time all my stuff was in the spare room and he said that he is confused still due to the head leading the heart he says that he needs to talk to his best friend (but he is on holiday at the moment) to get his head straight. He says that he doest want to keep seeing me/speaking to me because he knows we will only just go back out and nothing will be sorted in his head. I then rang him later on that night and he answered and he put the phone to the cat so I can her purring and he was saying that his feelings have never changed about the love for me etc, but he is scared I will hurt him. Please help me I don't know what to do I want him back soooooo badly - as we had planned our futures! Please help!!!! He has not told his Mum or anyone about the breakup. I love him badly and he says that he is too scared to touch me because all the feelings come back, he says I am the most georgeous girl in the world, does he need time to relise I have changed or am I just hoping???

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