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No - nobody should think you should be with them constantly or deny you having time with your friends. But.... you've decided that you are his girlfriend now - yet, you are still upset because he dumped you before. That was before and if you still feel angry about it and now think that you have new rules with him because of what he did, then this relationship is bound to fail. If you still want to sleep with other people (not sure if thats what you eluded too) then you shouldn't be living with him. You made a decision to move in with him knowing, as you said in your post that it would end up this way.

You don't sound devoted to him and he's probably feeling that. Having said that, if he is possessive then it won't work anyway. One thing for sure is - if you have your own set of friends that you don't want to ever bring him around too - then that in itself is a problem.

You want him and you want your own life with your own friends - compartmentalizing your life won't work in a relationship. Sure - we all have friends that we hang with the are different but this is like you want two different lives with neither entertwining.

Nothing wrong with doing stuff with your own friends but this whole thing has alot of unresolved issues on your part with this guy and it doesn't sound like you're all that committed to him. One thing I would find out for sure - why did he drop you like he did before? It might help you resolve your anger and mistrust of him if you at least talk about the past and what happened.

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