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So he ditches you and then decides to waltz back into your life and he expects you to give up your social life to accomodate him?

See your friends. My guess is if you give up your friends for him, he'll be back at that place where he thinks he spends too much time with you and then he'll end up dumping you again for being too needy. And you may find that your friends lose patience with you if you ditch them for a guy again.

I think you should explain this to him. That you don't intend to give up your friendships for him. But explain that the random hooking up and seeing other guys is not going to continue. You just want to spend time with your buddies and that's it.

What about him joining you and your friends on nights out?
I guess I can KIND OF understand his side of being nervous about you going out with your male friends. Are any of them guys you have "hooked up" with in the past? Or if so, was it more recent?

Do you want to keep them separate because they are so different, or is it because you want to do things that you know your boyfriend wouldn't like? Do you tend to hang on your guy friends, or them on you, are you physically affectionate with them, and you don't think your boyfriend would like it?

I'm not trying to take his side, I'm just trying to get an understanding of why you feel the need to keep him away from your "guy friends". I mean, I have "guy friends" too, but my guy knows them, he is friends with them too, and we all hang out. Sometimes one of them will hug me, but that's it. I don't do anything with them that I wouldn't do in front of my guy.

If you were to give up your social life with your friends, would you miss it? Or is hanging out with your guy at home enough for you?

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