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Re: Arguing
Feb 12, 2009
I agree that you shouldn't really "take to heart" what his mom says. She definately has her own agenda and will always have her son's interests (or her interests in his life) at heart. Don't even mention what she said to him. He can't control what she says and you already know she was lying when she used the phrase "not exactly". If he doese confront her it will only somehow come back to you and you don't need extra grief from her, right?

I too have known women like your boyfriend's colleague. I have also known some who were really warm and friendly towards me. You trust your boyfriend and that is important. I agree with Sera's advice of trying to make more of an effort with her. I have been in your shoes and know it can be hard and/or awkward at first. But what do you have to lose? Your boyfriend thinks you should be friendly so it's not like he doesn't want you to know her. That's a good thing. If he were keeping her a secret and away from you that would be different. You may be able to gain a new friend, or at the very least ease your mind about her a little bit.

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