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[QUOTE=Mcgunther;3882584]Advice for all relation that go sour by someone cheating is to cut all contact. No email, no calls, no friend gossip...just cut that and move on. Wounds heal with time. Forgive him in your mind but do not associate. If he made an attempt to reconcile with apology and responsibility than I say give it another shot...but looks like not the case here. Its hard now but you will find someone else to love.[/QUOTE]

Couldn't have put it better myself...apart from forgiving him in your head. Just don't bother forgiving someone who does that to you.

Who knows what else he has been up to???!!!! :dizzy:

It hurts now, and you are probably going through a great deal of emotions but once you cut him off and start living your life away from him...things will get better then. Not overnight but it will be a start.

You deserve to be with someone who won't cheat on you, won't be tempted by other women. He has ruined his chance. Don't let him do it to you again.

Good luck! :angel:

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