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broken: I've tried to tell her she needs to have some hobbies, and develop some close female friendships. She tells me that she doesn't have money for hobbies and I can't remember her excuse for not attempting to befriend anyone new.

Her longest friend is a strange girl that doesn't like to leave her house much. My gf is upset with this girl and says shes going to stop talking to her b/c she never wants to go do anything. Her other longest friend is a guy who is in the military and got married a couple years back. She doesn't talk to him but maybe twice a year. I know she would like to have more contact with him and his wife as they are both very nice people, but he is very busy and always traveling with his job. She met a new girl that she has slowly started becoming friends with but it's going slow, I guess b/c she spends so much time with me? I don't know.

Last night one of her points of anger was that I had told her I would take her to N.O. and that she has been asking me for years to go to N.O.

While it is true that she has been asking for us to go to N.O. for a few years, and recently I did tell her I would take her, I never gave her a date or time. I believe the only thing I ever said was, "now that my friend is back in town, we can stay with him when we go down." Just an acknowledgment that we would go at some point in the future.

I never anticipated my friends putting together a "guys" trip so quickly. My friend just moved back there at the end of January!

I fully intended on taking my gf to N.O. at a later date when it would be a little less crowded and maybe more couples oriented. Now she says "well you can forget that, I will never go to N.O. with you now!" :(

This was something I felt like I needed to say to you guys to make sure you had the full story. She didn't bring this up until last night and this morning. Does it change your opinion of the matter any?

Anyway, in the years we have been together we have been to the beach countless times, Hawaii once (to visit her friend in the military), Washington, Bahamas, Colorado...all sorts of traveling. I feel like I have gone and done plenty with her to not be b*tched at about me wanting to go out of town with some friends for 1 weekend.

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