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Guys are always going to have friends who try to get them to give up their girlfriends, especially if they are single or in bad relationships. A few of my guy's friends have tried to convince him that I'm a jealous, controlling "B" and he should get rid of me. They point out other attractive women to him, implying that he could be "getting" all these other women if he only dumped me. He hasn't dumped me, he just lets them blow off and then he does what he wants, which is stay with me. He's away for the weekend as we speak, left yesterday morning and has already called me twice. And I kissed him goodbye, wished him a safe trip & good luck (he's an athlete participating in an event out of state) and went on with my day.

Your girlfriend needs to stop putting her energy into trying to manipulate you into staying home anhd put that energy into discovering why she is so clingy, insecure and controlling. And you need to go with your friends, have a great time hanging out with them, and deal with her however you choose to when you get back.

Oh, and a helpful (!) hint...turn off your phone or she will be blowing it up. Tell her you will call at such and such time, and stick to it, but no all day long dramatic phone sessions or your friends WILL be disgusted.

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