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[QUOTE=plaxmax34;3910822]I was just reading a sports article and something in it made me think of you, Silly Silly Goose, and about some of the things I mentioned in my post yesterday. These are some lines from an article about Terrell Owens, a popular and talented American football player with a selfish attitude, who always winds up having trouble with his teammates:

"...his inability to trust people has skewed him so much that he eventually undermines himself...Said one former associate: 'Itís really sad because Terrell is a good person in so many ways. But if he suspects anything is even about to go wrong, you lose. Itís like heís expecting the worst in people and it happens over and over again.' "

Now, ok, this is obviously in the context of a professional sport and it's quite different from the trust issues you're having. It just made me think of you, and I wanted to provide an example of what can happen to you if you don't have a little trust in people. Sure, this player is going to be in the Hall of Fame someday, but he'll be remembered for his poor attitude much more than for his accomplishments on the field. The world becomes a very ugly place if you're afraid to trust people. Don't let it happen to you. As I said the other day, you can and should be more careful about who you do trust. Make people work for your trust. But when they have gained it and proven themselves loyal and trustworthy, love and trust them all the way.[/QUOTE]

this does make sense... and i have been choosy to who i trust. i dont think all guys are lying douchbags, but im not going to think they are angels either. i think sometimes i second guess them, well the nice ones, because how can a guy possibly be that nice? for example, there is this guy i met the other day, we hung out all weekend (my best friend is married to his best friend, weird) but he was really sweet. like he gave me a foot rub, complimented me, got things for me.. and its like ok this cant be real. he must be faking all of this. but im not showing him that those thoughts cross my mind.. but they do. so i dont know. he wanted to hang out again sunday... after being together friday & saturday. i told him that i wasnt trying to get into a relationship, and when i asked him what he wanted he said he was looking for a relationship. even after i told him i didnt want one, the way he was acting didnt change. he was still as sweet as he was before. so ... i think i may have an okay attitude about it?

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