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im 21 next month when i was 12 my mum told me about my family history.
i have always been a very soft hearted when i found out my granddad had raped his own 3 daughters i was crushed.mum told me so i could protect myself (not from my granddad he died when i was a baby but from any male that gave me the creeps) anyway since the day i was told i built it into my head if u cant trust your own father who can u trust?

i was 19 when i lost my virginity had my first boyfriend and all with my second bf now but i consider him my 1st. he dumped me not that long ago i new it was comming i wasnt stupid just love blind he had been lying to me for about a mounth that i no of anyway. i dont no if he cheated or not.

i know this sounds stupid but we broke up 4 a week he said he felt so guilty 4 breaking my heart and he came back because he realised he did not want to break up he just needed space.hes told me he hasnt cheated. its hard to say i believe him but i cant he lost a big chunk of my trust when he lead me on with not telling me it was over i was still having sex with him trying hard to make him happy. the hole time he wanted 2 leave.

i excepted him back but im so guarded i believe he didnt cheat but any female that gets in contact with him through me or not i get sooo jealous. its been 3 weeks since we got back 2gether i still havent had sex with him i think he realises how much he hurt me & my trust. hes been very patient with the sex still very guarded but i think he actually wants to make it work????????

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