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I fear because my soon to be ex has a drinking problem and when he gets drunk, he gets angry. He has always been jealous and suspicious of ever thing I do. Any man that ever shows me any attention cuases me to get long heated arguement towards me. I have been accused so many times of having boyfriends. For some strange reason, he thinks I have slept with so many guys. None of this is true.

Last night, he brought up the fact that he thought I was attracted to his brother. He was drinking as usual. He got really angry and threatened to throw me againt the wall. He has been violent years ago, but not lately.

Please keep in mind that he cheated on me for 2 years with my best friend. That relationship is over.

I feel that I am pretty much trapped in this marriage. He will never willingly let me leave and if I do, I will never be free. I fear he will know my every move. I feel that he will kill me so no one else can have me. However, I do think that if he had some in his life, I might be okay. I am scared and confused.

I am happy that your marraige is working so well. Thanks for caring enough about a stranger to give advice about a very touchy situation.

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