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I personally don't think that he would want a fresh start with [I]someone else[/I] as another poster had said because that's just assuming something too bluntly especially without knowing exactly how he feels. I don't think he's emotionally ready for anybody given the information you provided. I would try to allow him some space, leave him alone, don't call, don't have high expectations and if he comes back, that's wonderful. The biggest mistake one can make in my opinion, is expecting someone to come back by waiting and waiting only to find yourself hurting more when they don't return. Expect the worse(him not coming back) and hope for the best. In other words try to get over him may be the end or it may not be. Give him time to heal, he seems to be feeling guilty because he was seeing you, which I believe is a normal part of the grieving process when it comes to relationships in this type of situation. Him saying those mean things to you could be just out of guilt. Also, he may still be angry that this happened to his wife. Unfortunately he may be projecting some of his anger out on you. Anger is normal a part of the grieving process. As Cathy said, try to put yourself in his shoes.
Keep yourself busy, take a class or do something you like so he doesn't consume most of your thoughts. I know personally what being hurt is like but sometimes getting over something that hasn't progressed too far is much easier to recover from than a relationship that was long term. Even if you DO get back with him, try not to get too attached.
As for the daughter, keep it separate of course.
All the best
Jess xxx

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