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My husband is bipolar. He went off his meds last Fall and all his anger issues surfaced to the point of police intervention. I thought he was going to kill me. He didn't lay a hand on me but I knew if he did - I'd be dead. He confined me for an hour with our 3 year old in my arms. The other children could hear him threaten and yell at me for an hour.

I still feel guilty for calling the police. I feel guilty for the state of HIS existence right now, even though he caused it. I am an abused woman without consciously realizing it fully because I still take his crap and I still feel as though I deserve to.

How do you leave an abusive relationship when the abuser is SO GOOD at convincing you it's your fault, that he'll change and all that good stuff that you read about in psych books.

I'm an incredibly intelligent, beautiful woman (inside & out). I'm not bragging. If people at my workplace knew my struggles with this evil human being, they wouldn't believe it.


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