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I have been in a lot of long distance relationships. It has been my experience that when communication becomes less--there has ALWAYS been a problem. If a man truly loves you--even says he wants to marry you--then he will continue to call you regularly. Yes, if he is on business maybe a couple of days will go by when he can't call, but he will want to call you as soon as he can.

I don't want to make you feel bad--actually want you to feel better. Waiting for his calls and worryin is the worst place to be. Instead, take back your power. It is normal that as his girlfriend you would expect him to return all of your texts or calls. If he is not doing that then he is not treating you very well. So stop calling or texting. Perhaps don't even return his next calls. I am not suggesting you play games, but just let him go.

If he comes back to you stronger, tell him that you don't like this situation where he disappears. You need regular contact. If he complains or has excuses, then I think he is not as serious as you think.

By the way, you said he said he wants to marry you in the future. I am sure he meant it at the time, but darling, do NOT count on that when a man says that. The only time you can truely believe that is when you have a ring on your finger and he says "I do".

I am not saying to break up with him, I am just saying to believe that you deserve a man who communicates regularly and treats you well. If he wants to marry you, ask him "when do you see us living together and getting married?" If he doesn't have an answer then you know he is not really committed. In this case, I'd break up with him.

You deserve better.

best of everything.

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