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Hi, thanks for your replies.
That’s my situation. I have been in long distance relation for 7 months, we live in different countries. We used to communicate almost every day through texting and phone calls, he usually initiated the contact. After our first meeting we hadn’t met for 4 months and all this time he send me nice loving messages and told how he missed me, then we met for vocation in november and spend one week together, everything was good, he told he wanted to marry me in future… Then after one month he came to visit me to my country in december, all seemed ok… He invited me to visit him, he lives in uk and even send me papers necessary to apply visa, that was in february.
But something strange about him is that when he is out of country in business, he may not contact me at all for 1-2 weeks until he is back home, he explained he’s very busy. It makes me worry so much, but seems he doesn’t understand this. The thing is he went for a long business trip to several countries in january and now he’s still abroad. He’s contacted me very few times since then, about once a week and when I send messages, he even not always answer, it never happened like this before… The last time he contacted me was 6 days ago.
I don’t really know what’s going on, maybe he’s not interested in our relations any more and expects me to understand it myself or he’s so busy at work that lost track of time. I was trying to calm down and not panic first month but now it’s 2.5 months already and I am so upset that can’t think about something else, only look at the phone all the time, waiting for him to call…

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