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HI all

I have been with my husband for nearly 17 years, we get on good and want the same things in life, unfortunatley he is a tad boring and plods along in life, I have had it out with him for years now about bucking his ideas up and being more involved in the family and he is ok for a few days then he is back again plodding along. he works nights and i cant wait latley for him to leave so i can be alone with my kids, they like him going to work.

anyway i found an ex on a chat site and it has opened up something inside of me, i am feeling more confident, sexy, pretty etc as the ex talks nice to me. he would take me away at a drop of a hat but i feel like i have to stay with my husband as he does really love me although he cant show it etc

my husband is not a bad man, he works hard but we, his family are now plodding along with him. sex is rubbish and we hardly do it, hes doesnt get involved with the kids, take them anywhere, I am the one organising days out, nice dinners, hotel breaks, left to him we would stay in and do nothing.

back to the ex, he is on his own and would love to settle and have a family,we email everyday and we chat when my husbands at work, i feel like i am having an affair as my husbands knows none of this.

I am so confused I want the ex so badly but i cant leave my husband, couldnt hurt him like that.....................i am thinking of stopping all contact with the ex, but i enjoy our chats, it keeps me going, gives me somthing to look forward to on my loney nights

hope someone can help and give me advice about this situation, have any of u been in the same boat?

thanks i really appreciate it.

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